Travel and Venue Information


Mathieustrasse 10
RWTH Aachen University

52074 Aachen, Germany

Recommended Hotels

Hotel ibis Aachen Marschiertor

Buses shuttles will be provided that leave from Theaterplatz. They will depart between 8:00 and 8:15 every morning and bring people back in the afternoon. They will also be available to bring participants to the social dinner. 


Typically, people fly to Cologne or Dusseldorf. You can also travel to Brussels and then take the fast train.

The local airport is Maastrict Aachen, but there a only a few connections here. From the airport you may rent a car, or there are taxi and bus services also available. Leige Airport is about 20 miles away, and also has rental cars, buses, and taxi services available. 

If you are traveling from certain areas in Germany or other countries in Europe, you have the option of taking the train.

Getting Around

The downtown area of Aachen is very walkable, but you can also choose to hail a taxi or ride the bus. Taxis in Aachen have set fares, and drivers don't typically expect tips. The city bus routes cover most of the city, but some of them stop running by midnight or 11 PM. Find out more information about Aachen here.

Visa Information

  • Visitors from these countries will need to apply for a visa to visit Germany
  • Visit this page for more details on visa requirements
  • If you require an invitation letter, please contact [email protected]. They will only be issued to accepted authors who have registered, commitee members, or scheduled speakers.